Roberts Paving Inc. offers high-quality commercial asphalt, taking care of businesses throughout the Tri-County area. We can install a parking lot that attracts customers for years, but we don’t stop there. Our team stays with you from start to finish–handling everything from installation through repair, and ongoing maintenance of all pavement on your property.

Let our team of commercial asphalt contractors thoroughly inspect your business’ parking lots, loading zones, drainage systems, and access roads.

From Our Local Business to Yours: Ohio’s Best Commercial Paving Services

For over 25+ years, Roberts Paving Inc., a dedicated family-owned and operated business, has been a trusted name in Hillsboro, Ohio. We bring our decades of expertise to bear on your project, whether in the retail, manufacturing, agricultural, or service industry. We’ve been serving the TriCounty area for decades, so we know what it takes to make a business stand out to new customers and stay safe for employees and tenants.

We offer:

Our comprehensive commercial asphalt services cater to the needs of local businesses, municipalities like Bethel and Georgetown, OH, and multi-family rental property owners. From new asphalt installations to meticulous parking lot paving, ADA-compliant solutions, crack repairs, sealcoating, milling, pothole repair, and precise line striping – we offer a complete suite of services to ensure your paved surfaces are not only visually appealing but also durable and compliant with local and federal regulations.

ODOT APPROVED: Keeping Ohio Residents Safe

Navigating the complex landscape of state roadway codes is essential for property owners to ensure their projects meet regulatory standards.

Being an ODOT-approved asphalt contractor means that our contractors will make your commercial roadway or even city street meets state standards and complies with traffic laws. We can seamlessly integrate line striping, traffic symbols, pavement markings, speed bumps and more, keeping everyone that uses your property safe. Working with our team ensures that every project meets legal requirements and stands up to the highest quality and safety standards.

We Care for Ohio Parking Lots

As a leading parking lot paving company for over 25 years, the Roberts team stakes pride in offering comprehensive asphalt parking lot services tailored to the unique needs of businesses and property owners across Ohio.

We will care for your property through:

Roberts Paving Inc.: Asphalt Parking Lot Experts in the Tri-County Area

When you choose us as your commercial paving contractor, you’re selecting a company that prioritizes both quality and compliance with parking and roadway regulations from the ADA to ODOT.

Entrust your commercial asphalt projects to Roberts Paving Inc. and experience the difference that decades of family-operated excellence can make. Contact us today to discuss how you’d like to improve your property!



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